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One Off Repairs

May your vacuum have a minor fault such as broken hose, no suction, blockage or something more like motor not working, problem with the cable, or no power we offer in home repairs, our aim is to never leave you without a working vacuum. 

We can usually offer appointments within 24 hours.

Common Complaints:


  • Dyson Loss of Suction       

  • Dyson Cordless Battery not working

  • Dyson Blockage       

  • Dyson Smells like burning

  • Dyson Head not spinning         

  • Dyson Hose broken

  • Dyson Button not working         

  • Dyson Cordless cutting out

  • Dyson Not charging           

  • Dyson Short in cable

  • Dyson Sounds different

  • Dyson Cordless Pulsing

  • Dyson No Suction

  • Dyson No Power


  • Gtech No Power

  • Gtech Battery problem

  • Gtech Charger

  • Gtech handle broken

  • Gtech Roller Not Spinning

  • Gtech Making A Noise

  • Gtech Drive Train


  • Kirby No suction

  • Kirby  Tech Drive

  • Kirby Cable Broken

  • Kirby Belt Broke

  • Kirby Spares

  • Kirby Bags


  • Sebo Cable repair

  • Sebo Cable short

  • Sebo no power

  • Sebo cutting out

  • Sebo no suction

  • Sebo Spares

  • Sebo Broken Hose

  • Sebo Motor Replacement

  • Sebo Rollers Not Spinning

  • Sebo Servo Motor Not Working


  • Shark No Power

  • Shark No Suction

  • Shark Loss Of Suction

  • Shark Head Not Spinning

  • Shark Cable Repair

  • Shark Cutting Out

  • Shark Broken Hose


  • Vax Cable repair

  • Vax no suction

  • Vax No power

  • Vax Cutting out

  • Vax Head Not Spinning

  • Vax Spares

Numatic / Henry/ Hetty

  • Henry No Power

  • Henry cutting out

  • Henry Smells like burning

  • Henry not working

  • Henry Only one speed

  • Henry Bags

  • Henry Spares

  • Henry Cable Repair

  • Henry Motor Replacement


  • Miele Loss of Suction

  • Miele loss of power

  • Miele Wont turn on

  • Miele Bags

  • Miele Filters

We offer many genuine manufacturer parts where available, we also offer compatible parts to suit your budget. All parts fitted are guaranteed for 12 months (except Filters).