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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Repair Luton

We believe that everyone needs to start caring more for our planet, too many appliances are thrown away and replaced without a second thought, filling landfill sites unnecessarily.
Our in home Dyson servicing is only £49.99 (not including parts), with many genuine parts carried in stock for same day repairs, ensuring that you can use your vacuum as soon as we leave your house.
Any parts purchased and fitted through us come with a 12 month warranty giving you peace of mind when choosing to use our service. (Does not include filters)

Why spend £300+ on a new Dyson Vacuum Cleaner when you can have yours working like new for a fraction of the price. 
Common problems your Dyson may be experiencing are listed below, however you may be having a different issue. Why not book now to bring your Dyson Back to life. 

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